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With the block-chain technology in the financial sector, we can do easily transaction between two countries by taking less time. It can execute commercial transactions and agreements between the user and remove the mediator. Recently everyone is not using it but in future the uses of blockchain will increase and It would create a very high demand for the developers of the blockchain. Blockchain technology can be combine into multiple areas..blockchain also solves the problem of manipulation.
ERP integration plays a important role in E-commerce business.it helps in growth of business and generate more revenue. most popular ERP integration pattern are migration, broadcast, agregation, correlation. E-Commerce ERP integration allows you to easily account for new orders and fulfill them , customers automatically get notify when orders have been shipped and allow them to track the delivery of products. Products and pricing can be managed from one place.The.ERP stands for “enterprise resource planning".
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A stroke is a medical emergency, which results in lack of blood supply to the brain for a while. Due to the break in blood supply, the affected part of the brain undergoes loss of cells. Several red signals include trouble in seeing, blackening and slurred speech. This can be accompanied by numbness or paralysis. A stroke requires emergency help at a hospital. Several causes have been pinpointed for strokes such as obesity, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle or drug abuse, high blood pressure, diabetes, apnoea and family history Several complications that arise of stroke include paralysis to affecte
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d parts that require therapy as well as difficulty in swallowing or talking.
Acute ischemic stroke refers to a narrowing or blocking of arteries that supply blood to the brain and is treated by injection of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). A hitch in this approach is this therapy requires the patient to start treatment within hours of an attack that cannot be the case always. Instead of medicines, mechanical devices can also be used such as surgical clips or coils that can tackle the vessel.
Is there a long-term cure? Is there a solution that can help address the damaged cells rather than clinical treatment? Let us look at stem cells! Since 2005, there have been several studies using stem cells to address the condition of stroke using several adult stem cells such as neural stem/progenitor cells, apart from mesenchymal stem cells and bone marrow cells. Such adult stem cells such as mesenchymal stem cells are reported to have an edge over other cell types to repair damaged cells as these cells can secrete factors necessary for the growth of the damaged cells of the nervous system apart from blood vessels to regenerate the tissue. These cells can also be differentiated into neural stem cells as well and can reduce the scarring associated with stroke.
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